About Us

In IsoNumbers we aim to enable you to quickly find useful numbers associated with stable isotope research. Isonumbers does not mean to archive large data-sets, but rather provide a useful, user-friendly tool for scientists from different fields to find key numbers, equations, and references of stable isotopes from different systems and processes. This should be useful to parameterize models, compare results with representative values, and find primary references and reviews, as well as definitions for jargon terms etc.

IsoNumbers was inspired by BioNumbers, the database for useful biological numbers, developed by Ron Milo at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. The full version was programmed and is being developed by Zaztech .

Following the success of Bionumbers, and discussions in the framework of the COST-SIBAE program, initiated by Dan Yakir from the Weizmann Institute in Israel, the Isonumbers webpage was initiated with the help of Sami Taipale (Finland) and finalized and inaugurated by Youri Rothfuss (France) in the framework of two COST Short Term Scientific Missions (2010-2011).

The development and success of IsoNumbers critically depends on community effort: Your Isonumber additions, corrections, comments and suggestions can be submitted directly into the Isonumber webpage or write us a note at isonumbers@gmail.com. Please make an effort and contribute!